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Powerhouse Entertainment Group: Grammy Award Winner 2005: Robertson’s passion for the arts is the focus and driving force behind his entrepreneurial pursuits and business affairs practice within the entertainment industry. That passion, along with his vision, unique business model and fervor for developing and producing entertainment content, called for the creation of a company active in as many entertainment industry sectors as possible. He is the CEO/founder of Powerhouse Entertainment Group LLC and its 2005 Grammy Award winning independent record label, Libertad/Universal Records. Powerhouse is a company with a 360-degree business model involved in recorded music production, music publishing, artist/celebrity management, film production/distribution/financing and merchandising. Johnny is responsible for the legal/business affairs of Powerhouse and its joint venture partners.

(Shown Left to Right: Oscar Hernandez, Aaron Levinson, Johnny Robertson & Phil Nicolo: 2005 Grammy's)








Photo Gallery: Entertainment Clients

Grammy shot

A few words at the 2005 Grammys

Pat Martino Mike Forte (Producer), (entertainment attorney and long time friend) Frank McDonald, Esq., Pat Martino (Renowned Jazz Guirtarist/Artist) and JR

Obie Liv Obie OBrien (Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Bon Jovi) with Powerhouse country artist, Liv Devine, in Nashville's Tracking Room.

Nailhead with Soraia Nailhead Owners Persichetti, Robertson, OBrien with Soraia at Summerfest 2009


Skip Deninburg, JR, Joey Perrillo (Sopranos/Twelve Monkeys) Randall "Tex" Cobb, and Tug McGraw.


Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi), Steve Turner, Kenny Hoffpauer (American Idol semi-finalist), Pat Buchanan and JR, @ Tacking Room Nashville.

Joey Perrillo: Sopranos


soraiaSoraia, Bon Jovi Special Guest @ Summerfest 2009



Liv Devine:Powerhouse Country Artist